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The Lake Forest Club was established in 1958 and serves the community as a family-oriented gathering place for friends and neighbors to recreate, dine, and socialize.

We offer members a premiere and professional destination for racquets (tennis, platform tennis, pickleball), aquatics (multiple pools, swim team), and full-service dining (restaurant, bar, banquets).

Please inquire with our new 2023 GM Jamie Blatman at about joining as a

family or individual membership. 


The Lake Forest Club was founded in 1958 by thirty founding members.  The original club consisted of a bath house, two tennis courts, and three pools.  Our Day Camp dates back to the founding, and the original initiation fee was $500, and monthly dues totaled $15.

In 1961, the Club added four more tennis courts.  The Clubhouse was christened on May 30, 1964 and membership had jumped to about 300 families.  Two more tennis courts were added in the late 1960s, and in 1969, the Clubhouse was recognized for “the high quality of its architectural design” by the Chicago A.L.A and the Commerce Association.

In 1972, the Club built its first two paddle courts.  The final four of our current 12 tennis courts were added in 1973, and the Paddle Hut was constructed in 1978.  

The 1980s saw ongoing updating of the club house and of the pools, and then construction began again in the 1990s as our third and fourth paddle courts were built.  Lights were added to tennis courts 1-4 for evening play.

In the 2000s a new bath house was built to include men’s, women’s, boy’s, girl’s and family locker rooms.  The facility also included our Pro Shop and aquatics office. A basketball and four square court were built outside the bath house, and the final piece of the puzzle took place in 2015 with a non-permanent facility: The Lake Forest Club skating rink.


The founding members’ foresight and hard work have been beneficial to all those who have followed.  Changes have been made and improved the club, and the purpose of The Lake Forest Club as remained the same: recreation for the families of the area.

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