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About Us:

Established in 2018, Swa.Tantraa Wellness provides comprehensive solutions for mental wellbeing. Swa.Tantraa means self-help regarding wellbeing with the help of technological tools. It is beacon of light and trusted friend for those with mental health concerns. Mental health is just as important as one's physical health and yet, most of us are not mindful about the quality of our life.

Our Mission:

Swa.Tantraa is an unique in the fact that the team believes in a systematic approach towards handling any mental health issues be it simple anxiety or a complex problem like Schizophrenia. We at Swa.Tantraa are staunch supporters of fact that emotional wellness is equally important to physical wellbeing and the true wellness is achieved only when both of these are at an optimum level, which is essential for us to perform at our best.

We at Swa.Tantraa have developed Electronic Medical Record Systems (SwaDocs EMR), Telepsychiatry and Appointment Booking App (SwaDocs App), Emotional First-aid self-help tool (SwaHeal App), and Brain & Mind Gym. These tools are useful in developing skills which enhance an individual’s productivity and performance.


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