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Ways to Overcome Writer's Block

In the previous section, we already briefly touched on this issue. But now we will try to tell about it with feeling, plainly, arrangement. So, you wrote most of the dissertation, but there was almost no strength left for the last breakthrough. What to do next - you have no idea. In this case, paytowritepaper recommendations we will start with the thing that has already been mentioned earlier.


This is a really great method to not miss a good idea. Carry a notepad or voice recorder with you to capture good ideas. In the case of writer's block, after reading, listening to a couple of such records, you can find your own source of inspiration, which can be developed into a specific thesis.

Free form writing

At its core, it is a creative method, but it can be quite successfully used for its own scientific purposes. Its essence is to start writing spontaneously, without thinking at all about the meaning of what is written. This helps to sign so that the so-called fear of a clean slate does not arise.

Preparatory work

If you feel that you are already tired of writing the text and you have no ideas for its continuation, then reread what you have written. Perhaps this will give you the right idea. Also, in the case of a writer's block, you can go to read some new material or start making accompanying tables, diagrams for a dissertation work. Switching from one type of activity to another can also produce tangible results.

A change of scenery

It’s not always worth overworking your brain with writer’s block. Sometimes it’s worth putting aside work for a while and doing completely different things. Or go outside and take a walk. Fresh air will give new strength to work, as well as put your thoughts in order. In conclusion of the article, I would like to note that in the most extreme case there is another proven method, especially when all the others do not work. Let it be quite tough, but at the same time it is quite justified. It can be formulated as follows - "I do not want to write through."

As you know, appetite comes with eating, so sometimes it’s enough to pick or start pressing the keyboard in a certain order. After five to ten sentences, you will already be able to get a taste, the work will go faster. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of such conditions. After all, they often stimulate to continue writing a dissertation.

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