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It is always fun to have your friends and family around, where you can enjoy and share things with each other. Furthermore, you can munch on your favorite snacks and have a nice family dinner. However, you don’t often get to meet and chill with your distant loved ones. You can’t just rush to the nearest theater to watch a movie together because of the distance. But now, you can do all of that virtually with OTT Party. OTT Party is a free, user-friendly extension that allows you to stream your favorite series and movies with friends and family who are far away. Thus, you can savor some delicious snacks and entertainment by organizing a virtual watch party.

Furthermore, this fantastic extension supports many leading and developing streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Hotstar, HBO, Peacock TV, Paramount Plus, and YouTube. Therefore, you can host a Netflix Party, Peacock Party, Hotstar Party, Disney Party, and many more as per your content preference. Installing the extension and hosting a watch party is a straightforward process. Plus, it has intelligent features such as live chat, real-time synchronization, HD resolution, and global accessibility. Henceforth, use it anywhere you wish for a better streaming experience. Read More To Do List || Multiple URL Opener || Screen Capture || OTT Party || Netflix Party || HBO Max Watch Party || Hotstar Party || Disney Plus Watch Party || Hulu Watch Party || Prime Watch Party || OTT Party || Netflix Party || HBO Max Watch Party || Hotstar Party || Disney Plus watch party || Prime Watch Party || Hulu Watch Party

Aliya Sheikh

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